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AdSense Success Formula From AdSense

Here is the AdSense success formula from AdSense team.

1. A content-rich page = Highly-targeted ads
2. Highly-targeted ads + Interested users = Healthy clickthrough & conversion rates
3. Healthy clickthrough & conversion rates = Success!
Source: Mike Gutner - AdSense Optimization Team

So to conclude:
A content-rich page + Interested users = Success!

It is surprising how many people cannot grok this super simple equation. Earning money with Adsense does not have to be a guessing game, and anyone
with the right information can easily achieve the following:
• How to start making money with AdSense even if you have never done it
• How to triple your current click-through if you already have any.
• Multiply you earnings.
• Make More Than $10,000 in one month, every month, with Adsense

Why AdSense is so easy and so powerful for you?

A) It is a residual income, kind of "set it and forget it".
B) It is very easy to build good websites for the sole purpose of AdSense
revenue (as long as you treat this as a real business).
C) You don't need to be a genius search engine optimization (SEO) expert in
order for you to succeed with AdSense.
D) It doesn’t force the visitors on your website to take serious action in order
for you to make money. All they do is naturally click on ads that might
help them reach their goals and you make money from each click!

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