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Money Making Online is Simple isn?t it? by Russell Marsh

Money Making Online is Simple isn?t it?

Russell Marsh

It seems that lots of people are being sucked into the idea that you can quite simply make a lot of money by having a computer that?s connected to the Internet. Knock up a website and wait for the money to pour in. If I were you I?d re-think that strategy if it is your genuine intention to make money online.

I think everybody realizes now that Yes an Internet business run from home can make a lot of money and generate virtually automatic profits for years to come if done right. The important thing that is always going to separate the money makers from the losers in online marketing is always going to be how much effort is applied. Initially, setting up an online business may well involve working more hours than is normally considered to be "full time" but these extra hours can always be trimmed away as you make some money to re-invest in your business to automate some of the everyday time consuming jobs.

It?s easy to find a business on the Internet. There are plenty of opportunities where you get virtually a business in a box. This will include all kinds of tools to help run this business but if you are to make any money from this business then there is one major consideration that you will need to take care of and that is marketing. Your replicated page will look very nice but will never make any money if nobody sees it.

If you are considering an online business then first of all take a tour of a few websites such as CarbonCopyPRO, Infogoround, SureFire Wealth and others to see what?s around. It?s now common practice for business opportunity web sites to initially guide you to a lead capture page as the first point of access. The whole point of this is to get your contact details as many people will not join a business opportunity on their first visit so to maximize the money making potential from each visitor they want your email address for their autoresponder which will remind you about the opportunity over a period of time and keep trying to coax you back to the web site. Don?t be scared to give you details (you won?t find out much unless you do..) Each follow up message will always include an unsubscribe link so you can stop the messages any time you feel like it. Home Businesses are very rarely instantly profitable so perhaps the best plan would be to join under a proven leader so at least you?ll have access to the best marketing advice, especially if your Sponsor gets an over-ride from your efforts.

Most people don?t consider this but before starting out on the Internet take a backward step and look back over your life so far. I?m willing to bet that every reader has a special skill that could easily be a money maker but they probably just never considered it. I?ll bet you have a "certain way" you do a certain job that saves time or "learned to deal with that certain problem" that lots of people would consider valuable. Your unique skill or talent could be a real money maker so just think about it and consider carefully what you can offer.

Many people start off making money on the Internet by being an affiliate for other people?s products. There are lots of sites such as Clickbank and Commission Junction where you can sign up for free and start to promote other peoples stuff for as much as 70% commission. You can take advantage of that by joining sites that sell content and ideas you can modify to suit your specific niche or segment. These days it?s very easy to start a home business in just a few minutes to hours, but the number one thing you must do is have a marketing plan before you start. Then use reputable content sites, article sites, and proven non spam marketing tactics to get your business out there on the web and making money for you.

Making money online is not, as the title suggested, easy and the one thing that will stop you from making any money is definitely the lack of a proper Business Plan. You need to know what you are going to be doing every day before you start. Lets face it, you wouldn?t start a bricks and mortar business without a proper plan and advice would you? So why should you approach an Online Business any differently? Get yourself a real Plan of Action and Stick to it. This is the surest route to making money online.

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