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How Google Is Making Local Business Better

The specific data you’ll be able to track includes:

If you run a local business, things just got better for you. Google has announced that it will now start providing Google Analytics data for businesses that are listed in its Local Business Center.

Number of impressions your LBC profile receives via search or Maps search.
The number of actions people take to interact with your business listing.
Top search queries used to find your listing.
Zip codes where driving directions came from.

The value of this information extends far beyond mere search. The zip code information, for instance, could be used to help you add business locations. If you see a lot of queries coming from a specific zip code and you know that residents in that zip code have a long way to travel to get to your office, you could open up a satellite office in that zip code or a new business location.

Just like with Google Analytics and any website you own, knowing the top search queries to find you is smart for future optimization reasons. So, in a word, this information is valuable to you and now you have access to this information through your Local Business Center listing. Take full advantage of it.

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