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The income with the publishers on a commission basis

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several hundreds of years. Advertising and marketing help the producers or traders by incAdvertising and marketing are very old concepts and the origin of their practice dates backs to reasing the demand of the products and services. That is the sales aspect and other than that, the manufacturers may be interested in maintaining rapport or giving some essential information to the people.

With conventional media, the dispersion of marketing or advertising messages is very costly. The popular distribution channels employed for such campaigns are radio, television, magazines and newspapers. The same campaign can be run on Internet and that is what we know as Internet marketing.

Online affiliate marketing refers to the practice wherein the channels of distributions are numerous and owned by third party individuals or entities. The resources or channels we are talking about are the web sites or web pages belonging to the third party, In affiliate marketing, web site owners post or publish the content of the advertisers on their own web sites. The content may comprise of text links, widgets, flash advertisements, graphics, Users visiting the site are exposed to these advertisements and that does help in generating revenue or leads for the advertisers.

The merchants or advertisers providing the content share the profits with the publishers on a commission basis. The compensation is fixed for different kinds of actions that users perform after being exposed to the advertised message. In case it is just displaying of the advertisement the compensation is less, and in some cases zero. If the user is converted into a customer by purchasing a product online, the commission value is higher.

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