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Three Things you need

In order for you to accomplish all this work, you need three things:

1) Procedures
2) Achievable Goals
3) Help
PROCEDURES: As mentioned above, in order for you to maximize your profits
and exposure, you must have a lot of websites working for you. With that being
the case, you need to have some system of generating a lot of websites and be
able to get those sites up and running in as quick a fashion as possible.
So how about an assembly line metaphor? Let’s assume you want to get into 20
markets. One way to do this would be for you to do the keyword research for all
20 markets. Then purchase your domain names. Then setup your hosting
accounts. And lastly build and upload your web pages.
Your procedure, in this case, allows you to work in a systematic, organized way
which is much more efficient than attempting to build each site, one at a time,
and one domain at a time.
ACHEIVEABLE GOALS: Anyone who is self-employed, either full time or part
time, understands the importance of setting realistic goals and then achieving
those goals. You need to set daily, weekly, and monthly goals to keep yourself
on track and give yourself a clear picture of where you are and where you want
to go.
Your goal list is your roadmap to success.
However, each goal that you set for yourself must be achievable. Do not set your
goals so high that failure is almost assured. That sort of action will kill your selfconfidence
and cause you to lose faith in your work.
If you are just getting started out, you might set a monthly goal of 10 markets,
with 3 domains per market.
Is that too much?
How about starting with 5 markets with 2 domains per market?
You would then set weekly and daily goals to ensure that you meet (and even
exceed) the goals you set.
Without goals you can't keep score, and if you can't keep score you don't know if
you're winning or losing in business, or in life, for that matter.
HELP: The last element that is vital to your success is help.
In order for all the work to get done, you will need to outsource as much as
This is vital. You must understand why outsourcing is so important.
Your mission is to perform a task only until you know it well enough to teach
someone else how to do it. The faster you can duplicate yourself, the faster you
can expand your business as you focus on the most profitable actions that need
to be taken. For this to work, you have to be management, not grunt.
Our entire page generation business is 100% outsourced. We have one person
who selects my markets, another does the keyword research for those markets,
and yet another who actually builds and manages all my pages.
This frees us up to concentrate on the markets that are truly profitable. It allows
us the time and the mental space to think through our next move. That freedom
to think would be greatly diminished if we had to spend the majority of our time
doing work that others can do just as well, and, in some cases, better than us.

Target your pages to Keyword Phrases

Regardless of the markets that you are in, the vast majority of your traffic will
come from the 3- to 5-word keyword phrases you select rather than from your 1-
and 2-word "root keyword".
If you're going into the "Birthday Cards" market, you will get more traffic from
keyword phrases like "Free Printable Birthday Cards” than from something like
“Birthday Cards”.
The secret for more traffic is to aim your website pages (title tags and content) to
keyword phrases. To find the best keyword phrases you may use

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